Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping

The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping (CWEL) is a research and outreach center designed to improve efficient use of water for landscape irrigation.  The mission of CWEL is to promote water conservation through environmentally, socially, and economically sound landscape management practices.

Currently, it is estimated that approximately 50-65% of our culinary water in Utah is used for landscape irrigation.  Research has demonstrated that the amount of water used in landscapes could be reduced substantially without affecting the quality of the landscape or the lifestyles of consumers. Water use could be reduced even further if alternative landscape designs and management programs were used. 

Research into efficient irrigation, water-wise plant materials, proper turf management, and social behaviors regarding conservation are just a few research interests CWEL is pursuing.  Extension and outreach programs are geared to providing expertise and information to state-wide Extension offices, the green industry, water purveyors/institutions, and the general public.