Water-wise and Native Plants

    Water-Wise and Native Plants

    The Center for Water-Efficient Landscaping promotes the use of native and adapted low-water plants to both conserve water and create beautiful landscapes, while still enjoying the many benefits that plants have to offer. Both native and adapted water-wise plants have a role in water-efficient landscapes in Utah and the Intermountain West. CWEL conducts research into native plants to introduce to the nursery industry and helps consumers select appropriate water-wise plants for their landscapes. 

    Principles of Water-Wise LandscapingWater-Wise Landscaping Principles

    In addition to selecting low-water plants, there are seven basic landscaping principles that can help you to conserve water in the landscape.  A water-wise landscape is one that is functional, attractive, and easily maintained in its natural surroundings. These principles will help you to have a beautiful landscape while still conserving water.