Demonstration Gardens


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    Demonstration Gardens

    Many of the public gardens throughout Utah are either completely devoted to water conservation or offer water-wise demonstration areas.

    These gardens provide visitors with a variety of demonstration areas and information about plant materials, hardscapes, irrigation technques, and design ideas.  

    Visiting these gardens offers opportunities to learn about water saving techniques as well as demonstrating that a landscape can be beautiful, functional, and save water. 

    Utah House Demonstration Garden

    Visit the Utah Public Gardens Website to find the complete list of public gardens in Utah:

    Conservation Garden Park Jordan Valley Water Conservation District   
    Ogden Botanical Gardens Utah State University
    Red Butte Gardens  University of Utah
    Salt Lake City Water Conservation Gardens Salt Lake City Public Utilities
    Sego Lily Gardens Sandy Public Utilities
    Red Hills Desert Garden Washington County Water Conservancy District
    Utah State University Botanical Center Utah State University
    Utah State University Campus Demonstration Gardens Utah State University
    Weber Basin Water Conservation Learning Garden     Weber Basin Water Conservation District