CWEL presents at 2016 UNLA Green Conference

    CWEL presents at 2016 UNLA Green Conference

    The Utah Nursery and Landscape Association (UNLA) Green Conference is an annual gathering of green industry professionals with talks covering a variety of topics related to landscapes, irrigation, design, nursery and greenhouse management, turfgrass and arboriculture. CWEL presented multiple talks at the 'Survival of the Greenest' Utah Green Industry Conference in Sandy, Utah in January. Talks included 'Weeds in the New Low-water Landscape' with Larry Rupp.  'Combinations for Conservation: Recommended Plant Groupings for Low-Water Landscapes' with Adrea Wheaton, Larry Rupp and Bill Varga, and 'Landscape Water Demand Standard' with Roger Kjelgren.

    Weeds and the New Low-Water Landscapes

    The characteristics of low-water landscapes-including more use of mulches and hardscaping, higher use of perennials trees and shrubs, and lower use of turfgrass-all impact weed ecology and management.  USU Extension Specialists, Ralph Whitesides and Larry Rupp discuss design and management considerations for controlling weeds in low-water landscapes.

    weeds in the new low water landscape

    Combinations for Conservation 

    Homeowners and designers are often excited about low-water landscapes, but want to know what to plant to create a beautiful landscape that is also water-wise.  The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping is creating a new publication that uses tried and true combinations from around the Intermountain west that work together aesthetically, ecologically and functionally. Larry Rupp, Bill Varga and Adrea Wheaton presented. Click here to receive an email notification when the book is available through USU Extension.  


    weeds in the new low water landscape


    ASABE Water Use Standard: SLIDE Rules

    A new standard gives Plant Factors to estimate water use of different types of plants, yet still maintaining an acceptable appearance of established landscape plants. Roger Kjelgren goes over how to use this Simplified Landscape Irrigation Demand Estimation (SLIDE Rules). 

    simplified landscape irrigation demand estimation

    Published on: Jan 28, 2016

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