Join professionals, scientists conservation specialists, and others working to create a sustainable water future in this two day event, May 11th and 12th, 2017. Keynote speaker is Steven Clyde, Vice President and Director of Clyde Snow Attorneys at Law.
    Necrotic ring spot (Ophiosphaerella korrae) is the most commonly diagnosed fungal turfgrass disease by the Utah State University Plant Pest Diagnostic Laboratory. CWEL's Kelly Kopp and Paul Harris release a research report evaluating Ring to GREEN product by GreenMaster Distributing, LLC for the control of necrotic ring spot in turfgrass.
    The Center for Water Efficient Landscaping has both research and outreach responsibilities, taking valuable research outcomes and working with local communities to educate Utah citizens and make a positive impact on water conservation efforts in our state. CWEL has made progress on the following projects in 2016:
    CWEL’s Kelly Kopp joins the ‘Bringing Water to Life’ podcast. Kelly discusses turf-removal programs and how the best way to start conserving water in the landscape is to first irrigate efficiently.
    M.S. or Ph.D. research assistantships are available with the Center for Water Efficient Landscaping at Utah State University to study urban landscapes and urban water management.
    The Slow the Flow Water Check Program is in full swing along the Wasatch Front offering free irrigation efficiency assessments. A considerable amount of water can be saved through efficient irrigation as a typical Utah homeowner applies twice as much water as necessary to their landscape. The Deseret News reports on the Water Check Program.
    'Smart' irrigation controllers monitor the local environment to determine how much water is necessary to sufficiently water the landscape without wasting water. Weber Basin Water Conservancy District offers rebate for homeowners to install.
    Utah Water Conservation Forum held their annual Spring Conference on May 5th and 6th 2016. Professionals, scientists, conservation specialists and others working to create a sustainable water future met to discuss outreach, education, research and incentives for water conservation.
    Want to learn how to save water in your yard? Join specialists from USU's Center for Water Efficient Landscaping in Logan City’s Green Futures Learning Series. Kelly Kopp, Joanna Endter-Wada, and Larry Rupp will cover a variety of irrigation, plant and human behavior aspects of landscape water conservation. Wednesday, May 18th at 6:00 pm, Logan City Hall Conference Room.
    This facilitated workshop for northern Utah water agencies was conducted in collaboration with Utah State University Extension, Center For Water Efficient Landscaping, Wasatch Dendroclimatology Research (WaDR) Group, USFS, BYU, and Western Water Assessment. See the presentations here about climate and drought issues and water conservation strategies.
    USU student Shawn Foster presents research on Capitol Hill in Utah in January 2016. His poster, titled 'Water Use of Kentucky Bluegrass Varieties' evaluates bluegrass varieties to find more water-efficient varieties that may result in less irrigation, yet maintain quality and function of the turf.
    CWEL presents multiple talks at the 2016 Utah Green Industry Conference in Sandy, Utah. Talks included 'Weeds in the New Low-water Landscape' with Larry Rupp, 'Combinations for Conservation' with Adrea Wheaton, Larry Rupp and Bill Varga, and 'Landscape Water Demand Standard' with Roger Kjelgren.
    What motivates homeowners to adopt water-efficient landscape designs and irrigation practices? What obstacles must irrigation professionals and water providers overcome to move the needle towards more water-efficient choices?
    CWEL faculty Larry Rupp and Kelly Kopp were among the instructors of a Qualified Water Efficient Landscapers (QWEL) course taught to a record number of attendees at the Conservation Garden Park. QWEL is an EPA WaterSense recognized training program for landscape professionals.
    Drought and climate change make managing landscape water a major policy and prorgram management challenge for water agencies. At this years' American Water Works Association's Intermountain Section Conference Dr. Roger Kjelgren and Diana T. Glenn of the Center for Water Efficient Landscaping both presented their most recent research.