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    The 2020 WATER CHECK program will tentatively begin May 1st, 2020

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    Landscape irrigation utilizes 67% of Utah’s municipal water resources.  Often, however, too much water is applied resulting in waste of precious water resources.

    The Water Check program was created in 1999 to help Utahn’s irrigate more efficiently, resulting in water savings AND healthy, attractive landscapes.

    A Water Check analyzes the efficiency of automated irrigation systems and provides customized irrigation schedules to participants. 

     “This free program is a wonderful example of cooperation between USU Extension, water providers, and the citizens of Utah.  The support of the participating water districts and cities has allowed USU Extension to reach out to the public in a very big way.”

     – Dr. Kelly Kopp,

    Water Check Program Administrator



    DO YOUR OWN WATER CHECK with our new web-based, DIY Water Check Tool.  Using catch-cups or containers, you’ll run a simple test of your irrigation system and put results into the Tool.  You will then receive a customized irrigation schedule for your landscape. 


    Schedule Your Free Water Check Today! 

    USE OUR SIMPLE SPRINKLER PERFORMANCE FACT SHEETS along with the DIY Water Check Tool to test your irrigation system.  Learn how to conduct a (1) site inspection, (2) a simple sprinkler test, and (3) how to irrigate properly based on your location in Utah. 

    USE CATCH CUPS along with the DIY Water Check Tool to help you measure how quickly and efficiently your irrigation system applies water.  The cups are available through your Local Extension office or you can purchase your own catch cups here.


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